Maintaining Your Silk Sarees Perfectly

Maintaining Your Silk Sarees Perfectly

We spend hard earned money in buying expensive silk sarees.Maintaining all these sarees  like Pure Tussar Silk Sarees, Pure Chanderi Silk Sarees and Pure Silk Sarees is again a time consuming task.

However by following the given steps it can ease out your work of maintaining your treasure box of sarees :

Never put any of your expensive fabric or sarees in hot water.

Never hand wash a Pure silk saree ,Always dry clean.

For your collection of mix Silk sarees you can try washing them in a mild detergent Like Eazy Wash, Do not use Soap or a harsh detergent.

Do not soak your silk sarees in any detergent. If it get strained use a little cold water to rub it off.

Do not dry out any expensive fabric in bright sun light. Dry in shade always.

Do not hang your sarees for a long time, This will tarnish the design or embroidery .Always keep the embroidered part covered to keep its look afresh.

Use Muslin or white Cotton cloth as saree covers.

Do not store cotton sarees with silk sarees. Cotton colors might bleed sometimes.

Open and re fold your sarees every 2-3 months ,else they might get torn ,especially the silk ones.

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