Six Things that you need to Know about Tussar Silk Sarees

Six Things that you need to Know about Tussar Silk Sarees

Festivals are round the corner and there would be hardly any lady who would not be excited to clad her in traditional. And, I do not think there is any other best time of the year to dress up in these Indian costumes. Sarees are an all-time-favorite and when it comes to such occasions there can be nothing better than Tussar silk. Tussar silk is available in a variety of colors and give a very elegant look. So today just explore this beautiful fabric that stands out when it comes to Indian sarees.

Here are six things that you should know about Tussar silk sarees.

  1. Tussar silk is also popular as Kosa silk. This name is connected with sophistication and luxury. These sarees are considered auspicious to be worn on special occasions. Women of almost all the age groups love wearing this fabric. In fact it has built such a space in the wardrobes that young people like adding this collection to their wardrobes in form of contemporary and stylish designs.
  2. Tussar silk fabric does not mean just single type of fabric. There are many classifications even in Tussar silk fabric. If considered, there are mainly 5 types of fabric that are produced in the silk manufacturing Industry. Each of these types comes with a hint of cotton which is mixed up with Tussar warp. And if we talk about the most popular type of fabric, Tussar cotton is the fabric that sells the most.
  3. Isilk sarees there is no dearth of colors to be picked from. From the light tones like golden honey and beige, to the brighter and the darker colors like reds and pinks, there is a complete gamut from which you can make a choice. The entire look that stem out of such color combinations is something very elegant that a lady would look for.
  4. For Indian households there is a trend of attiring oneself in traditional dresses. No matter if it is some special occasion or it is a casual family gathering, tradition is something which is deeply rooted in the Indian culture. And if we count on Tussar silk, this is a fabric which is a perfect sign of the traditional wears.
  5. If one think about the cost of these sarees, there is no doubt that these sarees are a bit costly than others. And this purchase is something that you will obviously not regret. The rich colors and the elegant look make it the best choice among sarees.
  6. The Tussar fabric is chiefly manufactured from a special category of silk worms that are found mainly in parts of South Asia. The main manufacturing of this fiber is carried on by the tribal people.

With so much demand of these Tussar silk sarees, the collection has not remained limited to the retail stores only. In fact there are so many online stores like having a wide range of Tussar silk sarees at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Tussar silk sarees online in India and let the upcoming festival or the occasion turn special with this attire.

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