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The Beauty in Imperfections : Handloom Wear

The name handloom itself suggests ,any fabric or craft item made by hands by using any tool. And we all love our handloom wear ,when its comes to handloom sarees like Tussar silk sarees, Maheshwari silk sarees or Linen sarees or any other type of woven sarees. Different techniques have been followed to weave different weaves of India, but the basic technique is same "hand weaving' by using loom. In the fast moving times of power loom, handloom sarees are still a favorite amongst all strata of society. There  are sarees, considered as precious weaves, and these sarees like Kanchipuram silk sarees or handloom tussar silk sarees are passed on from generations to generations. From grandmother to mother ,and from mother to the  daughter ,we all love our collection of handloom sarees. All these sarees looks so personalized, because of the involvement of the human hands, and most rightly the process of dying and weaving threads. Weaving in the world of handloom is not a simple process, its tedious and laborious. The weavers of India work days and night to weave these beautiful sarees of India for all of us. To make us look great and flaunt our collection, Isn't it ? 

The process of weaving involves human hands, so imperfections will be there. We all try to do our work perfectly but still we make mistakes. We all do. Take the example of cotton sarees, especially handblock printed cotton saris, matching and printing the block to make the same design on a given piece of fabric is not an easy task and we all might fail at it . But that's the beauty of handloom sarees, and we all cherish these imperfect beauties for that. These little imperfections make each handloom saree , an exclusive one for all of us. So happy shopping handloom beauties :-))

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