Fashionable Saree Trends in India Today

Fashionable Saree Trends in India Today

Amidst the traditional fabrics of the two neighboring states that are India and Bangladesh, handloom sarees are much in demand today among women of varied age groups. Handloom saree shopping has become quite a common trend among Indian women. The handloom silk weaving industry has seen a new high in past few years. It is one of the most old and irreplaceable weaving methods used across India. Today there is a lot of competition among the weavers. The price of handloom saree is again diversified and totally depends on the material quality of the saree, its color and design patterns. Weavers try to make each color combination and designs unique so that they can quote a higher price for the saree. Handloom chanderi silk saree online or handloom Banarasi sarees shows huge sale, especially among the young buyers.

Cotton is being derived from cotton plant and it is a very pure fabric. It is the most common dress material used for varied range of garments starting from sarees to dresses to tops to shirts. Though the quality of the material varies from one another, every woman at least has one cotton dress material in their wardrobe. Especially people buy a lot of cotton garments online during summers.

Cotton fabrics can be worn at any occasion and they are easy-to-wear. They are mostly soft and air can easily pass through cotton clothes which makes it easy to use during the scorching heat of summer. At the same time cotton garments are easy to wash and they are pretty good in absorbing moisture as well. People having skin allergies or sensitive skins are also recommended to wear cotton garments always.

Keeping aside handloom and cotton, amongst silk Tussar Silk is widely known among Indian women. The tussar thread made from a wide winged moth which is yellowish-brown in color. These moths are rare and they are very colorful. Their wings are studded by circular spots that look somewhat like mirror. These sarees are one of the highest selling saree through e-commerce sites as well as through local retail shops these days.

When we talk about Linen, this is also quite popular among young fashionistas today. Women accessorize them with designer blouse and minimal accessories and look drop down gorgeous. Linen sarees can be worn at any occasion and at any season. The saree is prepared from a natural fiber that is obtained from the flax plant. It is very comfortable yet stylish and loved by women. This material is light weight, and airy. That is why linen sarees and linen stoles online are showing wide range of sale these days.

Ajrakh is another famous print which is very much in fashion off late. The ajrakh makers say that it comes from the medieval times. It is a very unique style of block printing which is mostly seen in cotton garments and sarees. Ajrakh sarees and ajrakh stoles online is loved by most women who wishes to keep their wardrobe trendy and stylish.

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