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Kalamkari Handblock Printed Sarees

The land of Andhra Pradesh is the home of kalamkari where it was born. The word Kalamkari originate from two Persian words Kalam meaning man and Kari meaning craftsmanship. And when you can see the craftsman joined in the name itself, you can obviously imaging the artisans in front of the world

Kalamkari art form was recently spotted on the young girls, wearing them as loose, breezy pants, off to college, on plain kurtas or on plain tops, they were spotted wearing the wonderful kalamkari scarf. And now that kalamkari art has been revamping in the most trendy way, we are on the way to revive this art back to the basics. Original Kalamkari designs were supposed to display the portraits on the huge canvases and clothes, but then it took the shape of the dresses and sarees in almost no time. And then kalamkari sarees were the exact jewels of the art. Then gradually came in the Kalamkari kurtas and suits elevated to the scarves and pants.

One of the best thing about combining with these artisans is this that we are able to see the way they work and this is nothing less than some praise. Every single piece of art can be the masterpiece in its own unique way due to the honest dedicated hands that have been into making and crafting the designs. When we go around the different variety of patterns with homage to Kalamkari it comprises of the flower motifs or the figures of deities and gods displayed in the Ramayana and Mahabharat. These artisans make use of some natural dyes and there are overall 10 steps to get the perfect finish to the perfect product.

The globe is well versed with the magic of Romance of Radha Krishna and the Kalamkari artisans made it really beautiful with the hand-made drawings of Radha-Krishna on the pure cotton sarees. The artisans bring in use the most natural vegetable dyes and the bamboo sticks that are sharply pointed from one end to craft the out-line the beautiful motifs. The dyes used are really durable and permanent in nature making the priced Kalamkari possession. This is something that can be actually preserved for several years. This is the other way in which the values and traditions stay in life for long time while offering the upper level of quality of the handcrafted products

Kalamkari commemorates the philosophy of Tree of life and the royalties of India from horses and elephants which were sometime the carriage carriers observed in the rich history to peacock as the globe knows is the most beautiful bird, and banyan tress, parrots and tree of life – all were relevant to some kind of story  recited through some kalamkari drawings. This work is mainly performed on the bright colors like maroon, red, pink, orange, navy blue, etc.

When Kalamkari came into notice among the crowd, the royals and riches of that era wanted their class-apart apparels and then there was the introduction to aari work together with the kalamkari patches. This involve the use of copper, golden and silver threads to make the work more ravishing and attractive. Later on kurtas and sarees came in that were broadly used in the wedding trousseau and different cultural festivals. The appeal for these Kalamkari sarees is something completely worth the look and something that can be enjoyed for long time.

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