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Rich History & Heritage : Weaves of Linen

Most of us don't know about the oldest fabric we have in India ! Its Linen. This fabric has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Linen also has seen civilizations and has entertained generations with its exquisite texture and heritage. Linen sarees, also  known for their sheer, delicate ,lightweight and soft fabric, have become a favorite choice amongst  working women and homemakers at the same time. These linen sarees are a favorite during scorching summers. There are few outstanding and remarkable qualities of linen on why it stands out as one of the most loving fabrics, perfect for the summer season in all strata of the society.

Its origin is related to ancient Egypt. Use of linen has seen and stood by testing times of ancient world. Its not easy to make this beautiful fabric, The production of Linen is a labor-intensive process that requires great care and good amount of labor. It is sources from Flax plants, which are pulled from the ground to preserve the full length of the fibers.
Linen has sweat absorbing qualities that makes this breathable fabric when temperatures rise and in humidity. This quality makes linen an exceptional fabric that allows air to circulate and provides a comfortable experience.

At Desi Weaves, we celebrate the beauty and  charm of linen fabric by providing our wide range of collection of our exquisite linen dupatta , linen stoles, linen dress materials and linen sarees online in India. You all can experience and buy the sophistication and comfort of linen our linen apparels. Enjoy draping timeless classic pieces of linen collection that has captivated fashion enthusiasts for ages. Feel and experience the luxury of this old aged ancient fabric, going side by side and perfectly suited for the modern generations and their fashion ideas. Explore our linen collection and shop now to linen apparels a part of your signature style statement.

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