Tales of The Tussar Silk

All women love their Tussar silk sarees, when it comes to handloom sarees. This section of the weavers have provided enormous variety as far as style and cost of these sarees is concerned. You have Kosa Silk, Mulberry Silk, Staple Tussar Silk, to name a few types of Tussar Silks.

Tussar silk is pure silk that's grown and cultured by the people of Bihar and Chhattisgarh, India. It has a few prominent characteristics, that are self explanatory as how you can check if you're buying real handloom tussar silk. The texture is woven in a way that it looks and feel rough and grainy to the touch. Real silk has a natural shine, which is not super shiny, that reflects the light with a warm glow, these fabrics are super comfortable during winters and can be worn in all seasons at the same time.

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