Traditional Sarees: The Finest Symbol Of Indian Culture

Traditional Sarees: The Finest Symbol Of Indian Culture

It’s true that saree is the traditional dress of our country which is closely identified with the colorful 5 to 7 yards cloth tied around the waist by women in India. Saree is something that distinguishes Indian women from rest of the world. It also distinguishes one part of the country from the other as this attire is worn differently in different states. Just like we have diversity in our culture, in the same way, there is a great diversity in saree. Let’s have a look at some of the popular saree types for every occasion.

  • Chanderi Silk Sarees:  Chanderi Saree are designed and tailored at Madhya Pradesh. It is a product of silk, zari, and cotton together, which produces a fabric lighter than the feather. This masterful art of Madhya Pradesh has a royal sheen and gives gorgeous looks to a woman. It is a very light fabric that is easy to wear and carry. This saree keep you away from all woes of saree.

  • Tussar Silk Sarees: Tussar silk is made from silk that is produced from silk worms that breed on wild forest rather than mulberry trees. Tussar Silk Sarees are produced in Bhagalpur in Bihar, that’s why this saree is also known as Bhagalpuri silk saree. The porous fabric of this silk makes it comfortable to wear even in summers. These types of silk sarees have a natural dull gold color that makes them a suitable choice to be worn even at Indian weddings.

  • Kalamkari Silk Sarees: Kalamkari is a hand painting done on fabrics with the help of pen or hand block printing. This ancient form of artistry is now used in the modern world to produce fashion garments for women like sarees. Traditional Kalamkari sarees are created thoughtfully, showcasing the simplicity, sharp detailing and attractive design patterns. Those who wish to have something unique and traditional in their wardrobe, they must buy Kalamkari Silk Saree.

  • Maheswari Silk Sarees: It is a pure silk fabric woven with brocade or zari in different designs. The origin of this saree is from the town of Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh. The most common designs in Maheshwari Saree comprise of checks, stripes and floral borders.

  • Uppada Silk Sarees: It is a product of a small beach town of Uppada in Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. These unique sarees are made with cotton wrap through non-mechanical techniques. These sarees are defined by the length and breadth count of threads. Artists also use a lot of zari work to create exclusive designs in this saree type.

  • Others: There are other famous sarees like Kota silk, georgette, crepe, chiffon and many more.

With the glorious looks and unique designs, Indian sarees give grace and beauty to the women who wear them. These traditional sarees are inspired from the remote ethnicity of different Indian states. Having them in your wardrobe is essential.

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