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Untold Stories & Crafts : Kutch Tribal Jewellery

Natural and beautiful life of Indian villages is a sight to see. Rural craftsman working and crafting traditional crafts is common here. They make traditional Jewellery with mixed materials like beads , resham thread ,mirrors which you can enjoy wearing on any of your special day or on any Indian festivals. Fabric Jewellery or Kutch handcrafted Jewellery is easy to buy online. Cowry shells are also part of the Kutch handcrafted Jewellery. This Jewellery looks stylish and also impart work to these rural artisans, majority of the craftsperson in these areas are women. Women in beautiful nose embellishes, is a picture that has been a part of Indian culture since ages are from these locations.

Isn't it nice to make them a  part of your wardrobe considering the crafts and the amount of handwork associated with making these beautiful pieces. Fabric necklace with hand embroidery and mirror work takes a long time to make. These beautiful handcrafted pieces looks great when paired with western or Indian wear.

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